HOW & WHY IT WORKS - Costumer Read This First

We have based our rental pricing by comparison to several professional costume rental companies in the So. Ca. Area. We found the average pricing for Les Miserables (of approx. 60 cast members) to be $10,000.00 + more if you need additional accessories such as men’s foot wear and wigs for the show. We believe you will enjoy our discounted rates for this production, as they include the costumes (over 1000 articles) including, men’s foot wear (boots), over 180 pieces of head wear, and 9 wigs for only $5,900.00. This includes all cleaning. You do not need to do any cleaning, it is included in the rental price.

It is our intention to provide costumes for the production of Les Miserables. This costume package utilizes the theory that for casts over the size of 70ish you may need to add some fill in garments to accommodate the extreme larger or smaller size performers. At times some of the leads may need to have custom pieces made to accommodate their body shapes. We can make custom pieces for you at additional fees. You may alter garments (without Cutting! Or using tape.) to fit your cast providing they are returned to their original size before they are returned. Don’t forget that cleaning is included in your fees. Please do not clean any garments.

It is suggested that you have your fitting scheduled within 2 days of receiving the costumes so that you may determine which body shapes may need to have fill in costuming or which leads will need custom pieces built. Designs by king will make additional matching garments upon request. If you choose to fill in your costumes with garments made by your own staff, it is possible that we will offer to purchase those pieces from you at the end of your run.

Les Mis. Is not your average costume show. It requires multiple costume changes and multiple doublings throughout the production. Example: Some people will use the same pieces in different scenes to accommodate different looks by the same players. Rotating Hats, coats, vests, cover ups, and tattered rags will allow you to keep a very interesting and correct historical look without having to build completely separate looks for each scene. The specialty costumes (Bishop, Sailors, Guards, Pimp, Fantines customer, Nuns, Major Domo, Thenardier’s gang, Forman, etc.) all have separate looks to help them stand out from the ensemble street wear, however they are sometimes built up from parts of street wear as a base.

Now that we have established a global perspective of how the package has been built, lets start zooming in on the costume plot. Each director will cast the show according to talent. For this reason there is no way to index a per person costume plot (unless provided to us for a custom pull). Example: The Bishop will not always double as the role of Grantaire, as was done in our original production. Due to your director’s choice of who plays what parts in the show, your production will never use the exact same doubling as the next production.

So lets talk about the different looks in the show, and how some of them must work inter-changeably for the fast costume changes the show demands.

Please read - costuming the men/women.